Church quiet book part 5

This is a pretty standard quit book page but churches always have flowers for special days,


There is loads of fantastic quiet book flowers out there:

1,2 & 5, 3,4, 6
The different versions are all great ideas, like “pick-able” pipe cleaner flowers to put in a vase or button on flowers. I chose to do button flowers for my page with 5 different buttons

The flowers are attached with green ribbon for the stalks, mainly so that the flower heads don’t get lost! They can tuck down in the top of the vase.


My favourite part of this page is the woven apple ribbon round the vase, found in the bargain bin!
The flowers are double sided so you can chose which colours you use.


The second page I want to show you is about baptism, it shows the vicar with a sleepy baby. The baby’s gown is made from a gathered up piece of wide white lace.


The vicars arm is jointed at the elbow with a black button so that he can dip into the font (which is a pocket) and the put the water onto the babies head.



Church quiet book 4

Welcome to our church


A church is really about the people and not the building and this page shows that. It is modelled on the aisle and alter as you look towards the front of the church.

The pews are pockets in which 6 little finger puppets live. The vicar to hold the service…


The family, mother,father, daughter and son …

And a new baby, is it a christening?


The characters are all finished on the back to, do you like the girls little plait?


My favourite of these tiny puppets are defiantly the parents – it’s between the mums pearls and fancy flowery hat and the dads pretty impressive moustache. Which parts do you like best?

Ps general inspiration and finger puppet template from here.
PPS 2 more pages posts to go!
PPPS yesterday day I took the finished article to church with me and gave it over to their care tell you all about it in my wrap up post.

Church quiet book part 3

Why hello there! This is part 3 of the church quiet book series of posts, and todays page is a bit simpler. By this point in the process I found this to be a very very good thing!
I thought about calling this post “I find you very a-peel-ing”

This was the last page I did, it was in the original plan but then I couldn’t work out how to do it (it had a complicated buttons and pulley thing going on in my head) so I scrapped it.
How did I finally make it work…

I kept muffling the sound so in the end the bell is just 2 layers of felt, stitched around the edges and left open at the bottom. 2 jingle bells (originally wrapped around a cracker!) we’re attached inside. I also chain stitched the clapper design on the front to make it clear what it’s supposed to be!

It is attached to a button (inside the bell, but it can’t come off) so pulling the cord does make it ring but you have to pull it one way and then the other.

And another very quick page as a bonu

Originally inspired by the robot hand in the Jedi quiet book (by someone who incidentally makes the coolest books EVER!) these praying hands are actually a glove. Too small for my hand but big enough for little hands!

Church quiet book 2

Pages 2 and 3 of my custom church quiet book project. These to pages cover what the vicar wears for the service. I went as a helper on a school trip looking at local history. One of the many local places they visited was the church (they also sent groups to the football stadium, the river, the synagogue and mosque and lots of other places I can’t remember – it was really interesting!) one of the best bits was when the vicar was talking to the kids about the traditions and what he wears. He talked them trough it and dressed up volunteer to demonstrate! These pages are following on from that idea.

It’s a double page spread. Although I had the idea I still got a lot of inspiration form dress up quiet book pages around the web. I placed the vicar on one side of the page and the clothing laid out on the other page.

This is our vicar, I dressed him up in a t shirt and shorts. A standard dress up page is usually underwear but I like this better. The man himself has a beard, can you see the resemblance?


The clothes were embroidered and embellished and fastened to the page with Velcro. The hook part of the Velcro is attached to the piece of clothing as it lets it fasten to the felt I made the Velcro from.

I also outlined the pieces with a large running stitch in brightly coloured floss. Under each I wrote the name of the item in paint marker. I had to look a few of these up!


Our vicar is usually dressed for the family service in a fairly casual manner…


But if you saw him at an event such as Easter, Christmas or christening he’d be wearing the full gear…


One of the trickiest parts to work out was the stole (as it goes behind the neck) but in the end I did it as 2 pieces and the centre is actually fixed to the page


this has been “tested” extensively by the cousins and apparently meets with approval! Success! More pages to come.