Church quiet book part 5

This is a pretty standard quit book page but churches always have flowers for special days,


There is loads of fantastic quiet book flowers out there:

1,2 & 5, 3,4, 6
The different versions are all great ideas, like “pick-able” pipe cleaner flowers to put in a vase or button on flowers. I chose to do button flowers for my page with 5 different buttons

The flowers are attached with green ribbon for the stalks, mainly so that the flower heads don’t get lost! They can tuck down in the top of the vase.


My favourite part of this page is the woven apple ribbon round the vase, found in the bargain bin!
The flowers are double sided so you can chose which colours you use.


The second page I want to show you is about baptism, it shows the vicar with a sleepy baby. The baby’s gown is made from a gathered up piece of wide white lace.


The vicars arm is jointed at the elbow with a black button so that he can dip into the font (which is a pocket) and the put the water onto the babies head.



Felt baby book.

This is my very first blog post here on sunburnt strawberry. I’m going to jump right in and show you something I made recently. I have been seeing quiet books all over the Internet and Although I have started my own quiet book I was itching for a quick little project. Well in the end I plumped for this cute little baby quiet book. It’s made completely from felt which made it really easy as the edges don’t need finishing! All the pages are animals with either extra texture or activities. It’s going to be posted of to my godmother who had her third child earlier this year, I hope she likes it!


The front cover shows a lion with a loopy tag mane. He and several of the other pages (monkey and crocodile) were inspired by this lovely little book. The ribbons in his mane were all odds and ends from my stash so I ended up with lots of great textures, they were sewn down securely and they head was sewn over the top. I stuffed it with leftover scraps of felt and then added his face with embroidery thread.

These are the next 2 pages, the zebra was made out of zebra print felt which I found at Hobbycraft. His mane and tail are made of wool for added texture. The elephant has a 3D trunk with elastic up the middle to give it that wrinkled look. The ears are flaps so they can be lifted.


Then we have an antelope and a crocodile (who has a little bird friend).


The little antelope is double layered and is attached to a piece of elastic so that he can leap across the grasslands.

The Crocodile is one of my favourites! His teeth are a little white zip and when you open it you can find a little green fish!


The next two pages are a cheeky monkey and a very tall giraffe.

This monkey has a banana you can peel and the fruit inside is stuffed so it is raised.

His friend the giraffe is hidden in a tree until you lift the flap…

…and see how tall he is!
The back cover is blank apart form a little embroidered message to the baby.


The animals are all clip art from google images. They were stitched onto contrasting coloured felt squares. These were then sewn onto black felt to give a bold border. The black pieces were half a sheet of craft felt. The pages were placed back to back and I sewed through all the layers with a large backstitch to create the spine. Then all but the back cover were trimmed close to the spine.

To cover the scrappy edges I took to small pieces of black felt (from the trimmed spine) and stiched them into tubes. These were then sewed to the ends of the spine as in the picture above.

The back cover was folded over and stitched down to hide all the edges.
Now all that I need to do is wrap it and post it!
Any questions please ask. 🙂