Easter tree

Easter is coming…


We are getting ready, putting up our Easter tree…


This is the best I could do at getting the whole thing in, but the hall is quite narrow. Me and my brother went off on a walk yesterday to find so spring twigs to decorate. I think he made a great choice as the buds gave lots of little places to hook the ornaments on.


We do this every year for as long as I can remember so we have built up quite a collection of things to hang on it. The little glass eggs are from John Lewis and they do different ones every year. The larger egg in the background was decoupaged by my mum using an Easter napkin.


The blue peacock ( and the similar red one which can be seen in some of the pictures) was brought back from the Czech Republic one year. They are real eggs and there is a third with green and gold stripes.


The little red one right at the front was one of 5 found at a jumble sale which started it all off, the solid coloured ones are from ikea one year and the painted wooden characters are from all over.


We decorated around the bottom with all the Easter stuff we’ve accumulated. I particularly love the little buckets of eggs with chicks perched on the top.


We also decorated the window in the front door with some Easter window clings.


The words are backwards so that you can read them from outside! How are you cheering up your house ready for spring? It feels like wishful thinking at the minute!


Happy Easter everybody!