Church Quiet Book; the final product!


There are a few tiny changes I made since the version I showed you yesterday.
I’ve detached the leaves that were on the front cover as the material was a bad choice, they had started to fray because they get a lot of handling. I changed them for felt versions which won’t fray. I also made them slightly bigger and they cover the dragonfly button better, it did have a tendency to peak out! I also used my markers to colour the viliene sign into a better approximation of the real thing. I like it with a blue background much better!
Now a quick run through of the finished book!
Cover – “lift the flap” leaves and an opening door with a tiny vicar behind it. Original title page post here.
finger puppets page

The next two pages form a double page spread, the “dress the vicar” pages. Details here.

The next two pages feature a ringing bell (not so quiet!) and praying hands. Both pages here.


The next page features the inside of the church and a host of adorable finger puppets. For a closer look at these characters look here.


The baptism page has a jointed arm and can be found here, as can the button flower page. In the next spread. Eagle eyed readers may have noticed one of the buttons was missing but this has been fixed!


The communion page has broken bread which poppers on and off, this jigsaw is surprisingly difficult! Full details can be found here as can the information on the last spread, a colouring page based on the Sunday school.


The back cover is repurposed denim, this lends a bit of structure to the colouring page which is the heaviest page due to the notebook.

And that’s it! Stay tuned for the little dedication I’ll be adding but the book is out in the church and has been since Easter, where it went down well with some of the smaller members of the service who it entertained throughout. Success!


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