Church Quiet Book Construction.

Okay so this has been much delayed but this post is all about how to put together the final church quiet book. Originally I had planned to use book rings but eventually I decided that the less bits that could be lost the better, and since the book would be in a public place I chose to sew the pages together.


To start with I laid all the pages out in order. When deciding the order I tried to make sure bulky pages didn’t end up back to back.


Take any loose parts you can detach and put them to one side so they don’t get in the way. Here you can see my poor finger puppets scattered across the carpet.


Taking the two pages which will end up back to back, place them right sides together.


Pin around the edges, you are going the sew round all four sides leaving a gap for turning, as you would for a bean bag.


Sew around the page turning at the corners, and finish with a backstitch for strength.


Clip the corners to reduce the bulk when turning


Then turn the page right sides out through the turning gap.


Use something like a pencil or a knitting needle to push the corners though so your page is nice and square. This should leave you with a finished page.


Ready to put back and small pieces.


Now do the same for all the other pages except the back page.


The back page is constructed exactly the same way but using a piece of soft denim from a pair of worn out jeans. I cut some scrap from the jeans fabric which was approximately 2 inches. The decorative seam of the jeans was on this scrap.


I sewed a line of stitching alongside this seam on the front page of the book. This formed a wraparound spine for the book with the seam along the front.

The seam could be seen once the fabric is folded back to show the right side of the fabric.


To join the back and front cover I pinned the spine piece to the back cover. I then stitched down this join on the reverse of the fabric.


The inner pages were sewn together using a large zig zag stitch. The interior pages were stitched together in this way in twos.


The bundles were then sewn together by running a straight stitch down two pages close to the spine.

This gives you an (almost) finished book!

Round up of the finished article and tiny tweaks tomorrow!


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