Church quiet book part 6

The last two pages of this book!
The first is a communion page showing the bread and wine.


The wine goblet is sewn down as is the plate for the bread. The bread has a dark brown crust and a light brown inside. It comes apart as a jigsaw which attaches to the page with large poppers.


This was actually a lot more difficult than I anticipated, I took them off and then couldn’t put it back together. It took 3 of us quite some time to sort out the positions of the 6 pieces so I added the dotted lines to mark the shapes on as a guide.

Final double page spread represents Sunday school.


There is a notebook and pencils for artistic creations and a clear vinyl pocket to place them in. The brightly coloured zigzag stitches down the side were added as I went along and now they are one of my favourite parts!



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