Church quiet book 4

Welcome to our church


A church is really about the people and not the building and this page shows that. It is modelled on the aisle and alter as you look towards the front of the church.

The pews are pockets in which 6 little finger puppets live. The vicar to hold the service…


The family, mother,father, daughter and son …

And a new baby, is it a christening?


The characters are all finished on the back to, do you like the girls little plait?


My favourite of these tiny puppets are defiantly the parents – it’s between the mums pearls and fancy flowery hat and the dads pretty impressive moustache. Which parts do you like best?

Ps general inspiration and finger puppet template from here.
PPS 2 more pages posts to go!
PPPS yesterday day I took the finished article to church with me and gave it over to their care tell you all about it in my wrap up post.


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