Church quiet book part 3

Why hello there! This is part 3 of the church quiet book series of posts, and todays page is a bit simpler. By this point in the process I found this to be a very very good thing!
I thought about calling this post “I find you very a-peel-ing”

This was the last page I did, it was in the original plan but then I couldn’t work out how to do it (it had a complicated buttons and pulley thing going on in my head) so I scrapped it.
How did I finally make it work…

I kept muffling the sound so in the end the bell is just 2 layers of felt, stitched around the edges and left open at the bottom. 2 jingle bells (originally wrapped around a cracker!) we’re attached inside. I also chain stitched the clapper design on the front to make it clear what it’s supposed to be!

It is attached to a button (inside the bell, but it can’t come off) so pulling the cord does make it ring but you have to pull it one way and then the other.

And another very quick page as a bonu

Originally inspired by the robot hand in the Jedi quiet book (by someone who incidentally makes the coolest books EVER!) these praying hands are actually a glove. Too small for my hand but big enough for little hands!


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