Church quiet book 2

Pages 2 and 3 of my custom church quiet book project. These to pages cover what the vicar wears for the service. I went as a helper on a school trip looking at local history. One of the many local places they visited was the church (they also sent groups to the football stadium, the river, the synagogue and mosque and lots of other places I can’t remember – it was really interesting!) one of the best bits was when the vicar was talking to the kids about the traditions and what he wears. He talked them trough it and dressed up volunteer to demonstrate! These pages are following on from that idea.

It’s a double page spread. Although I had the idea I still got a lot of inspiration form dress up quiet book pages around the web. I placed the vicar on one side of the page and the clothing laid out on the other page.

This is our vicar, I dressed him up in a t shirt and shorts. A standard dress up page is usually underwear but I like this better. The man himself has a beard, can you see the resemblance?


The clothes were embroidered and embellished and fastened to the page with Velcro. The hook part of the Velcro is attached to the piece of clothing as it lets it fasten to the felt I made the Velcro from.

I also outlined the pieces with a large running stitch in brightly coloured floss. Under each I wrote the name of the item in paint marker. I had to look a few of these up!


Our vicar is usually dressed for the family service in a fairly casual manner…


But if you saw him at an event such as Easter, Christmas or christening he’d be wearing the full gear…


One of the trickiest parts to work out was the stole (as it goes behind the neck) but in the end I did it as 2 pieces and the centre is actually fixed to the page


this has been “tested” extensively by the cousins and apparently meets with approval! Success! More pages to come.


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