Church quiet book 1

We attend the family service at our local church and often we have kids visiting for christening a or church parades. Lots of parents worry about their kids squirming or making a noise (although we really don’t mind!). So when I originally came across the quiet book idea on the Internet I thought it was genius and decided to make one for our service. The church is all ways trying to make people welcome and a “welcome to the church” quiet book seemed like a great idea (read took ages!) so off I went to make a quiet book tailor made to our church. I’m going to post the pages a couple at a time and then hopefully the finished article.

This is our church, St. Mary’s of West Acklam. Sorry for the poor photo, it’s from their website, feel free to pop over and have a look around. The shape of the church from this angle is very familiar to me and the first view you see as you come through the gate so that is we’re I started from.


This was the first page I did and I tried to use up odd little scraps. Later on I stuck more with felt as the edges are easiest to deal with on felt but for this page bondaweb ruled! All through the book I used unbleached muslin pages (30cm x 25cm pages) and iron on vilenle and permanent markers for the text.

I tried to ensure every page had some interactive features. The bush on he left hand side for example has 3 lift-the-flap leaves.

Under each is a cute little animal. I tried different methods here with baring success. The little ladybird was done last and was defiantly the easiest. I just drew him on iron viliene and ironed him on. The dragonfly was easy to (he’s just a novelty button) but isn’t as good because the leaves don’t cover him as well. The little bird is a tiny version of a pattern from the doodle stitching, motif collection. Did you see that Amiee Ray has a new book coming out?

The same iron on drawing method was used for a little vicar to great you as you open the door to the church.

The door was cut from some of that plastic leather stuff which I found in the bargain bin at Boyes. Great because it dozen’t fray! The roof is long stitches top to bottom and then side to side threads woven through. I think this is basket weave stitch but honestly I made it up as I went along so I’m not sure.

The difficult part of recreating a photo or real place is choosing which details should be included and which to leave out. You can see I added the funny trees in the grave yard but only 1 grave stone!

The trees are the same textured fabric as the bush and the grave stone is cream felt. The windows of the church were also trial and error. The one shown above is appliquéd on top of the church building piece and is cut from some shiny, plasticky sort of ribbon I had. The one below was reverse appliquéd (ie the window fabric is underneath and a space is cut in the church building fabric to allow it to show through. The roof is chain stitched.

The page started of with the photograph which I traced for the main parts of the church. Once these were attached a large piece of green fabric was added and then the details hand sewn on top. You could use this idea to make all sorts of custom locations for all sorts of projects. I might do my house one day!


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